Michelle Ashby

Michelle leads the research, business development, and agency operations teams at Tipping Point Communications. She’s dedicated to helping clients solve their toughest business and marketing challenges. She personally conducts one-to-one interviews and authors recommendations designed to improve sales. In her free time, she loves to travel with family and volunteer for organizations that make a measurable, positive difference in the communities where Tipping Point conducts business.
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Shock & Awe. Plot Twist. Wassup?! The #ROI on #SuperBowl Ads

It’s no longer enough to create a laughable moment between tackles and touchdowns. Instead, Super Bowl advertisers have come to compete in a championship game of their own, vying for a shot to be this year’s AdLand MVP. But which ads are the most effective? And what elements must they have to get results?  

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Why I Told My Employees #WhatKeepsMeUp


In last month’s agency meeting, one leader challenged the team to become stronger business partners with our clients. To do this, she said, you need to know what keeps them up at night. To truly solve clients’ business problems, we need to have a deep understanding of what’s on the line. Everyone has something that keeps us up at least some of the time. Asking this question can help differentiate “sticky” strategies from the weak.

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Only OneProblem with the #OneBuffalo Brand Experience

A story of brand forgiveness

Let's face it. I'm hooked. I've drunk the Kool-Aid. Since opening our second office a year ago and commuting from Rochester to the Queen City, I've fallen in love with Buffalo. I do my best to explain to friends and family the energy I feel just driving into town, the great restaurants, breweries and entertainment, the boutique shops, the people I've met, its all-around passion for sports, the urban redevelopment on seemingly every corner.

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4 Signs Your Organization Needs to Invest in Qualitative Research

At Tipping Point, we are often asked by clients why they should invest in Qualitative Research. Commonly, we hear that the CEO or CMO has stated that they “know more about their customers than anyone else” and “research will just slow down the process.” Here are 4 signs that your organization should allocate the time, and the budget, to conducting research.

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Focus Groups Take the Cake!

I started getting involved with coordinating focus groups at Tipping Point Communications this summer. At first I had no idea what a focus group was or why it was so important to hold them. As I started to get more involved, it made me wonder: who came up the idea to observe people giving their opinions on certain topics?

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Digital Ad Fraud: What is it and How it Affects You

At Tipping Point we’re constantly on the lookout for industry trends and new technologies so our clients’ campaigns are utilizing the latest and greatest practices. It’s also important to stay on top of new technologies and trends that can be harmful too. Digital ad fraud is a growing concern in the advertising industry, and clients should be aware of the problem and work with their digital media teams to minimize their risk.

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