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Sara is the Vice President of Media at Tipping Point. In this role, she ensures that sound communication strategy is delivered to each and every client!
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Pandora Radio Advertising in the Spotlight

The media landscape is continually evolving and since the year 2000, when Pandora stepped onto the scene, the industry competition continues. Pandora’s mission statement is "to enrich people's lives by enabling them to enjoy music they know, and discover music they'll love. Anytime. Anywhere."

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America's Primetime for America's Pastime

I love the Chicago Cubs.  I love Country Music. You can imagine my dilemma last Wednesday night.  OK, maybe not.  I mean, where’s the real dilemma when you’re talking about 108 years?  I even thought very seriously about playing hooky from work and driving to Chicago just to be outside Wrigley in case they won. 

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5 Skills Digital Marketers Need That Clients Want

Staying relevant in the marketing communications space is increasingly difficult with digital marketing, social media and an uber competitive market. Transformation is a constant theme with the latest technology updates, new ad platforms and the evolution of audience consumption habits. Consider these five skills when looking for a digital marketing agency.

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How to Spend Smart with your Marketing Budget


These are all comments and complaints that I hear from business owners and potential clients every day.  Truthfully, I can’t blame them.  I try to put myself in their shoes and quickly realize that if I was taking money out from my bottom line and getting nothing, or less than optimal results, I would be frustrated as well.  The real question is, why aren’ttheir marketing dollars producing better results?

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When Radio Stations Change Formats

Why do radio stations change formats? The answer is money, of course. When a radio station’s ratings decline, the station cannot charge as much for advertising, which means less revenue overall. Typically, this is evaluated over “books” or several radio ratings periods.

Here in Rochester, the latest format change involved 98.9 The Buzz (WBZA-FM), owned by Entercom Marketing Results Group. When morning show hosts Scott Spezzano and Sandy Waters went on vacation the week of July 4th, teasers ran stating that due to "positive listener feedback," they were going to keep the "Everything. All The Time!" hits format on the air during their absence. When they returned the following week, the format became permanent. 

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When Big Snow Messes With Your Media Buy

During the week of November 17, 2014, areas immediately south of Buffalo, N.Y. received upwards of eight feet of lake-effect snow, which is what the area typically sees in an entire winter season. This prompted local TV affiliates’ news departments to provide wall-to-wall weather-related news coverage for a good portion of the week. For the people of snowed-in Buffalo Southtowns, the stations provided a valuable service, providing around-the-clock emergency storm-related information.

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A Medal-Worthy Perspective on Buying the Olympics

Which Olympic events will you be watching? If you’re anything like the Poe household, it may be the opening ceremony, figure skating, the luge and perhaps some hockey thrown in. You see, I’ve always wanted to be able to complete a triple-triple jump combination but those days are long gone. My husband took a ride on the luge track in Lake Placid a few years ago and became obsessed with the sport. I would argue that the time has passed for him as well but I might get an argument there. Everybody has their own reasons for choosing what they watch. In our house, I can predict a gradual wane in interest. We'll likely watch the closing ceremonies with much less gusto than the opening ceremonies.

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