Social Campaign Boosts Numbers in a Big Way for Nonprofit

Much of the work needed to create a successful social media campaign for The Education Trust – New York’s school workforce diversity project had been completed before the first post ever went live.

The statewide nonprofit, a regional off-shoot of a group backed by The Gates Foundation and started by former U.S. Secretary of Education John King, had pulled together a pretty big reveal on public schools across New York State.

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Your Recipe for Effective Video Content

What’s the recipe for addictive video content? Well, sometimes the ingredients are complex, and sometimes they’re simple, but they’re usually displayed right on the screen with a little jingle as the BuzzFeed Tasty team is whipping up not only decadence, but their next viral video. The new-media digital publisher has blazed new trails and it’s paying off, literally. Nearly half of BuzzFeed’s revenue comes from Tasty videos.


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Playing Favorites & Not Afraid to Admit it

Picture it. The Poe Family dinner table.  Any night of the week.  7:10PM.  There’s chatter about how days have gone, who is feeding what to the dog, how much homework there is to do and usually a bed time negotiation.  Pat Sajak is just finishing up the first round of Wheel of Fortune and is heading into a new toss-up puzzle.  All at once, everyone stops what they’re talking about and someone exclaims, “here it is!”  The Poe Family has instantly turned into Kevin James from Hitch.

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Identifying Your Audience: Skilled Nursing Homes

One of the most difficult questions to answer, for clients, and even marketers sometimes: how do we identify the correct target audience? The knee-jerk reaction to the question "who do you want to reach?" is often "everyone", but this is just not feasible. We've unpacked the steps that we take to identify a target audience in one of our primary verticals: senior living. Read on for the questions to ask yourself and your team about target audiences. 

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Facebook and Your Elected Officials

“Contact your elected official.”

How many times have we heard that phrase since November 2016?  Have an issue with a social injustice? No problem, just contact your elected official.  Don’t like what’s happening in Washington, D.C.? Share your thoughts by emailing your elected official.Now, Facebook is making it easier to have your voice be heard.

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Tipping Point Spotlight: Tina Latimer

Job title? Executive Assistant to the CEO and President

Why Tipping Point? Tipping Point Communication was a good fit for me because I have a deep passion for marketing and communications. In my role, I assist the CEO Michelle Ashby and President Barbara Pierce with scheduling, coordinating events, help with presentations and Human Resource-related projects.

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Long Flights, Missing Bags and Delta's Powerless Social Media

It was the seventh day of a dream vacation to Italy, roughly 4,300 miles from Rochester, and I was still wearing borrowed clothes from my travel companion.

An evening gown, makeup kit, undergarments and other items neatly packed in my luggage were somehow lost by Delta Airlines. I was left to borrow many things from my petite-sized companion, even if the fit was a bit snug.

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FCC Changes Poised to Reshape the Media Landscape

On October 24, 2017, the FCC voted 3-2 to eliminate the main studio rule, which has been in place for almost eight decades. This rule required local TV and radio broadcasters to maintain a physical studio location in their community, or primary local coverage area. The change is largely attributed to the continued rise of social media as a means of communication between news outlets and communities. But what could this mean long-term for news consumption?

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