Tipping Point Spotlight: Lindsey Matsuba

Aug 07, 2017

Meet Lindsey Matsuba, our senior media planner/buyer as part of the Tipping Point Employee Spotlight. 

Job: Senior media planner/buyer

What do you do for Tipping Point? I spend my time in both the media buying and account service worlds managing media buying for several of our larger clients along with digital media buying and ad operations for most of our clients. I also handle account management and client services for Tompkins Financial, one of our largest clients. Other duties include maintaining relationships with vendors, researching and evaluating new vendors and continually searching for new tactics and industry trends and advancements to assist our clients.

Lindsey Matsuba Tipping Point Communications

What’s the favorite part of your job? At the heart of it, I just love the process of media planning and buying. Working at an agency is always exciting because we service so many different types of clients with so many diverse challenges and goals. I then take their objectives to creatively craft media strategies that provide the most effective results in the most efficient way. Every media plan is like a puzzle, and fitting the pieces in is extremely rewarding.

There’s more? Definitely.  As someone who considered law school, I also enjoy getting into the nitty, gritty of negotiating media buys. There’s something incredibly satisfying about knowing that you got the absolute greatest value possible for clients.

If you had just an hour free each day, how would you spend it? Reading real books. Nothing electronic.

Two things you’re very good at? Cooking (but not baking) and multi-tasking.

If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go? I’d love to go on a car trip through Europe and visit cities across Germany, Italy and France.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? After my freshman year in college, I transferred to a school in another state just to be with my high school boyfriend. It seemed crazy at the time but 10 years later I know it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. We’re still together and just celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

If you really knew me, we’d know what? My family is the absolute most important thing to me.

By the time you retire, you hope to have? Children, grandchildren and lots of time spending time and traveling everywhere with my husband.

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Lindsey Matsuba can be reached at 585-441-5370 or on email at lindsey@tippingpointcomm.com.

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