Tipping Point Spotlight: Tina Latimer

Nov 14, 2017

Job title? Executive Assistant to the CEO and President

Why Tipping Point? Tipping Point Communication was a good fit for me because I have a deep passion for marketing and communications. In my role, I assist the CEO Michelle Ashby and President Barbara Pierce with scheduling, coordinating events, help with presentations and Human Resource-related projects.

What is your favorite part about work? My favorite part is supporting the leaders within the organization to fulfill the organization’s mission and goals. I love the array of work I do here. 

Tell us about the ad campaign for your alma mater, Roberts Wesleyan College? I was selected to participate in Roberts Wesleyan’s marketing campaign. The campaign included a billboard in three different locations and advertisements on the college’s website and in its informational materials.

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What is it like seeing yourself in the campaign? It was amazing! I enjoyed being able to show my daughter a picture of myself on a highway billboard.


Can you share a little more about your family? I have a 5-year-old daughter, and her dad, Kenny and I just recently purchased a house in the Maplewood area of Rochester. We love being homeowners. I absolutely love to decorate my home. I am also very close with my parents. They let me keep all of my housewares at their home during our transition from apartment to home ownership.

How does your family celebrate the holidays? I usually spend half of the day at my family’s house and the other half at Kenny’s family’s house.

What would we know if we really knew you? I am an honest person, and if you want to know my opinion on something, just ask. I am also a firm believer in asking for what you want. You never know, the answer could be, “Yes”.

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Contact Executive Assistant Tina N. Latimer in our Rochester office by calling (585) 340-1119, or by sending an email to tlatimer@tippingpointcomm.com.

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