Getting Back to Basics at Content Marketing World 2017

It's about being overwhelmed. Marketers are overwhelmed, especially the storytellers and the digital mavens that can't miss the next big thing.  But as I soak up the content marketing knowledge at #CMWorld, I learned that there's another constituent that's also overwhelmed - our customers. How did we take it too far – and how do we get back to basics?  

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What Digital Marketing Tactics are Right for Senior Living?

Wait for the laughter when mixing the words “senior living” and “digital” in the same sentence. Technology avoidance commonly comes with old age, but when it comes to choosing a senior-living community, the adult children (primarily daughters) are making decisions for their parents. A recent study by found adult children of prospective residents were involved in their parents’ transition into senior living 73% of the time. The move to a more digitally-focused, targeted marketing plan will allow senior living facilities the put their message in front of the decision-maker/influencer. 

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5 Reasons for a Financial Institution to Create a Content Strategy

How does an organization make it into the consideration set when a consumer is searching for a financial institution? Is it location-based? Does a younger shopper look at the institution their parents use? Are there account features and benefits that are compared side-by-side? Once we’ve cracked what puts you in a consideration set – how do you communicate these benefits to inquiring minds?

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The Best Marketing Moments of 2016

2016 had its ups and downs, as with any year gone by. ‘Tis the season to recap the highlights: best sports plays, celeb breakups, food trends, social media blunders, top tech companies to watch, and all the other defining moments that made 2016 so very…interesting. We could go on all day about the best of 2016, but the four below really took the cake. 

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Marketing & Selling to Match the New Buyer's Journey

Old-school marketing and selling dramatized in the form of Don Draper showed that the key to customer acquisition was to prey on their rudimentary desires, their need to fit in, and banking on their lack of education about your product.

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Getting to the Heart of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the communications world’s latest buzzword. Agencies are scrambling to define exactly what it really is, and industry media can’t get enough of the subject. In fact, just this week, AdWeek declared “LinkedIn Beats Twitter for Content Marketing” – just one month after it claimed “Twitter Rated Most Effective for Content Marketing”.

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