Navigating the Millennial Landscape: Investments and Wealth Management

It’s no surprise that millennials are not the wealthiest generation out there, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have dreams of grandeur. The explosion of social media platforms like Instagram has made the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous more accessible than ever – and millennials are taking notice. 

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Digital ad campaign by Tipping Point helps counseling service dramatically increase online applications

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Buffalo (CCCS) came to Tipping Point…guardedly. They had worked with “ad agencies” before, and their experience was, well, underwhelming. So were their results. But on the advice of a colleague, their president asked two of their associates to attend one of Tipping Point’s free “Advanced Marketing Mechanics” seminars.

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5 Reasons for a Financial Institution to Create a Content Strategy

How does an organization make it into the consideration set when a consumer is searching for a financial institution? Is it location-based? Does a younger shopper look at the institution their parents use? Are there account features and benefits that are compared side-by-side? Once we’ve cracked what puts you in a consideration set – how do you communicate these benefits to inquiring minds?

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